Summer Art Camps


Children will learn about and create various types of books including, accordion books, book binding, recycled books, envelope books and more. Children will create various artistic papers to use as covers and decor for their books. Students will also learn to make their own paper pulp and and turn it into paper to be used inside their books.  Finished books can used for journals, photo albums, sketchbooks, address books, and anything else you would like to use them for.

Ages 7+  June 27th, 28th and July 1st 9:30-3:30PM

In this camp children will become designers of their very own dollhouse.  All aspects of the dollhouse will be created by your little artist.  Children will make furniture, dolls, wallpaper, and of course paint/design the exterior and interiors wall.  A real working dollhouse will be taken home to create and play.

Ages 6+  July 15th-19th 9:30 AM-2PM

This camp will explore the work and style of famous artists such as Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and more. Children will create various art pieces in the style of these artists.

Ages 7+  July 22nd- 26th 9:30AM-12PM

One man’s trash is another mans treasure!  Learn how to make fabulous pieces of art, using various recycled materials.  Explore your creativity as you save the environment!

Ages 6+  July 22nd-26th 1-3:30 PM

No Summer on LI is complete without MANY trips to our awesome beaches!!! Celebrate the beach with this camp as we create art  inspired by the beach. Paint a lighthouse, sculpt some fish, draw some  seashells and more! Ages 5/6 and 7+

Ages 5/6  July 29th-August 2nd 9:30AM-12PM

Ages 7+  July 29th-August 2nd 1PM-3:30PM

Using 2D and 3D materials, 4 year old students will explore a week of art inspired by animals from all over the world.  Drawing, painting, sculpture and more will all be learned as children create bunny sculptures, ladybugs, tiger painting and more!

Age 4  August 5th-9th 9:30AM-12PM

This camp will focus on all aspects of drawing, including still life, portraits, shading and more. Children will learn different drawing techniques and explore various drawing media. In addition, each child will be given a quality sketchbook and extended drawing activities will sent home each day.

Ages 7+  August 12th-16th 9:30 AM- 12PM

Students will learn about and explore various mediums used in sculpture such as : wood, clay, paper mache, and plaster. Students will also learn about famous sculpture artists as they relate to each medium.

Ages 6+  August 12th-16th 1PM-3:30PM

Multi media refers to a visual art form in which various media such as pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint, etc are combined to create one unified art work. Children will create an assortment of creative art pieces all utilizing the multimedia concepts.

Ages 6+  August 19th-23rd 9:30AM-2PM

Printmaking is an art process in which an image is transferred from a template onto another surface. This camp will combine the art form of printmaking as well as various multimedia techniques to create unique art pieces.

Ages 7+  August 28th-30th 10AM-2:30PM


Multi-  Camp Discounts

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3 camps 15% off – Promo code 2019multicamp3

4 camps 20 % off- Promo code 2019multicamp4

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  • 2019 Animal Creations Camp (Age 4) August 5th-9th 9:30AM-12PM

    $245.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Beach Art Camp (Ages 5/6) July 29th-August 2nd 9:30AM-12PM

    $245.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Beach Art Camp (Ages 7+) July 29th-August 2nd 1PM-3:30PM

    $245.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Book Making Camp (Ages 7+) June 27th, 28th and July 1st 9:30AM-3:30PM

    $295.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Dollhouse Camp (Ages 6+) July 15th-19th 9:30AM-2PM

    $385.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Drawing Camp (Ages 7+) August 12th-16th 9:30AM- 12PM

    $245.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Exploring Famous Artists Camp (Ages 7+) July 22nd-26th 9:30AM-12PM

    $245.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Exploring Sculpture Camp (Ages 6+) August 12th-16th 1PM-3:30PM

    $245.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Multi Media Camp (Ages 6+) August 19th-23rd 9:30AM-2PM

    $385.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Multi Media & Printmaking Camp (Ages 7+) August 28th-30th 10AM-2:30PM

    $255.00 Class Detail
  • 2019 Recycled Art Camp (Ages 6+) July 22nd-26th 1-3:30PM

    $245.00 Class Detail


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