Our Teachers

Hello my name is Michelle Daddino, I am the owner of Picasso Kidz and I am delighted to share my studio, and my love of art with you and your child. I am a NYS certified art teacher k-12, and I taught elementary art for 8 years in the public school system before having my daughter. I live in Huntington NY with my husband and daughter. During my 8 years as a teacher I learned many lessons to reach my students.  I worked endlessly to create lessons that not only taught the children skills and Art history but also engaged them as well.  I had three of my art lessons published in popular art teaching Magazines (Scholastic arts, and Arts and Activities). In addition, I was also featured in the local newspaper twice.  Leaving my teaching position was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, but I knew in time I would teach again.  And here I am!!! While I am certified to teach up to 12th grade, my true love is sharing art with youngsters. It warms my heart to hear their giggles and see their smiles as they discover various art mediums and techniques. My teaching philosophy is to provide every student with a well-rounded art education in order to create creative, culturally aware, analytic thinkers.  In my studio, children will be guided through the world of art in various ways.  Children will explore and create art from many different lands and cultures.  Artists will be brought to life through discussion, exploration and creation.  Important art skills will be taught with patience and kindness.  Creativity and risk taking will be encouraged everyday. I am truly passionate about both creating and teaching art.  Art has enriched my life in so many ways and I enjoy sharing that with my students.  Art has taught me about history, as well as many social issues and multiculturalism.  But most importantly, art has taught me the values of patience, determination, and that anything is possible if you can imagine it!

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